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Similarly, Molly’s Game makes good use of fast-paced editing and an engaging voiceover to present a drama about gambling that does have some aspects of it but avoids the usual trappings. She made some good progress physically during that break, and she’s maintained her weight nicely so far this spring. She’s attractive, smart and quick to learn. Also at 9am this morning (west coast time) in Los Angeles at the Pacifica Archives, we recorded Bob Odenkirk as Bloom contemplating childbirth. The film marks the directorial debut of Aaron Sorkin (writer of The Social Network, Moneyball and The West Wing), and its main recommendation, aside from the brilliance of Chastain, is Sorkin’s ingeniously crafted screenplay. Molly’s Game opens with Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty, Interstellar) in skis, up a snowy mountain, about to begin an Olympic qualifying run. The broadcast opens at 7pm with an invocation to the goddess of Irish poetry as Barbara Vann performs the ninth century Gaelic poem, The Hag of Beare.The first hour focusing on the first four chapters of Ulysses. It should be available to listen to online for at least a week after the live broadcast and hopefully longer. O yes and Paul Dooley who also recorded his piece in Los Angeles last week is fantastic as a hungry cranky Bloom scouting around for his lunch, disgusted with the men he sees shoving meat in their craws.

Artists include Alec Baldwin, Aaron Beall, Mannix Beall-O’Brien, Charles Busch, Bob Dishy, Janet Coleman, Frank Delaney, Paul Dooley, Roma Downey, David Dozer, Michael Elias, Nicholas Elliot, Anne Enright, Bob Fass, Jim Fletcher, Judy Graubart, Tim Jerome, Felix Norris-Lindsay, Susannah Norris-Lindsay, John McDonough, Paul Muldoon, Johnny O’Callaghan, Bob Odenkirk, Brian O’Doherty, Roger Norris, T. Ryder Smith, John Spinks, Amy Stiller, Jerry Stiller, Fiana Toibin, Kate Valk, Heather Woodbury and Zeroboy. Amy’s mother, Anne Meara did a recording for Radio Bloomsday a few years ago when she read the words of Gertie, the woman Bloom fantasizes about on the beach. Molly – a daughter, a mother, a lover, and a longsuffering wife – patrols the pathways of her wild and leaping consciousness. Her unsentimental stream of consciousness is a song of songs that reaches backward and forward across the centuries. Unlike other writers, Joyce continually hurls his reader out of the flow of his narrative by endlessly switching styles from stream of consciousness to Elizabethan prose from play form to Catholic Catechism forcing the reader to re-examine his technique and re-enter his prose again and again. Why not take this quiz and find out? In the interview Bloom pointed out two reasons why she wrote this bestseller: the first reason is that Molly didn’t communicate with the press and that’s why there were often inaccuracies in the description of what was going on.

We have over two dozen actors and singers performing live tomorrow and you can find out more about all of them by clicking the links below right. The more I peck through the layers of Ulysses, the more I see it as a meditation on the artistic process. Each of his three main characters – Leopold, Stephen and Molly is an artist contemplating the artistic process. James Kennedy as Bloom walking around Dublin, Zeroboy as Bloom at the cemetery, Bob Odenkirk (left) as Bloom imagining childbirth, Jim Fletcher as Bloom mellow on wine, Paul Dooley as Bloom contemplating lunch and T Ryder Smith as Bloom at the end of the Siren’s episode. Pulitzer Prize winning poet Paul Muldoon performs Stephen Dedalus’ inner thoughts as he wrestles with his mind while walking on the beach in the complete Proteus episode. Jerry’s decades of experience creating an artistic life brought a knowing poignancy to Bloom’s hopes and the session flew by as he inhabited the mind of Bloom.

People often forget Bloom’s artistic yearnings and see him as an everyman but Bloom is as unique a character as ever appeared in print, as eccentric perhaps as Joyce, himself. Woody Allen, and people always tell me I remind them of him and that I talk just like him. Once Molly got an offer from famous actor Tobey Maguire to bark like a seal who wants a fish for $1,000 chip. All three allowed Molly to oversee the action and gave Jessica a variety of choices over the week that we shot on this set. On Friday, real life couple John O’Callaghan and Jaason Simmons recorded some of Lord Byron’s poems that Bloom gave Molly when they were courting and honestly I have never heard two voices sound more sexy. Here again, we used muted colors but with a more modern, crisper look. The Buy-In is now $50K, pots reaching $3 million and more. That photo seems an appropriate one on which to pause for now. The one thing that threatens to detract from Molly’s Game is an opening sequence that’s overstuffed with directorial flourishes and affectations.