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Why Choose Safestyle Windows and Doors for Your Home?

Float Glass – a transparent, flat product that replaces older sheet and mullion glasses.

Spectrally-selective coatings – Glazing products that allow daylight and visible light energy into the building while reflecting short-wavelength ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

We’re proud to offer homeowners a service in Stevenage and the surrounding areas. Learn more about our products, pricing and guarantees.


Safestyle’s doors are made of high performance materials which prevent intruders and keep your Stevenage home secure. The GRP construction can resist even the most aggressive attacks, and our multi-point locking system will block even the most advanced burglary techniques. Our doors come in many styles to match your home’s decor and can be tailored to your exact measurements. Our doors are frequently installed in Shephall, Great Ashby and all surrounding areas of door repair stevenage.


The windows you’ve put up in your home serve many important purposes, from letting in natural light to helping prevent heat from escaping and cold air from entering. As a result the windows you select are essential to keeping your home warm and comfortable for the years to come. One option worth considering for your next window upgrade or replacement windows stevenage is a classic bay window. These windows are designed to enhance the appearance of your house while offering a range of practical advantages.

The first thing to do when picking a upvc window is determine the style you would like to have for your house. This includes things like the shape and size and also the type of opening options you’d prefer. There is also a variety of different materials to consider, with steel offering a more striking appearance than aluminum. Steel is also three times more durable than aluminium, meaning that it can provide your home with greater security.

If you’re looking for a company that can supply and install upvc windows in door fitters stevenage and surrounding areas, then get in touch with us at P&M Windows. We can offer you windows of the highest quality at affordable prices We pride ourselves on our service to customers. Our team of experts will be delighted to assist you in finding the ideal windows for your home. We have been providing services to Stevenage, Hitchin and Hertfordshire for over 25 years, and our team is an extensive knowledge base when it comes to double glazing. We provide a no-cost quotation service and [Redirect-302] will give you suggestions on the best choice for your home.


A conservatory is a fantastic option to improve the appearance of your home and create a bright and airy area for you to unwind in. It is essential to keep your conservatory in good shape because it could influence the overall appearance of your home and increase its value. However, the everyday wear and tear of your conservatory can cause it to lose its beautiful finish. UPVC spray paint is an easy and affordable way to restore the look of your conservatory.

We have a broad selection of items that will fit any property. We have everything from traditional to modern. Our team of experts will help you find a solution that fits your budget and needs. We provide a complimentary consultation in which we will discuss your requirements and offer some advice. We are fully insured, and all work we do is backed by a guarantee.

Stevenage is an urban area that is planned to give residents a great quality of living. It is a thriving infrastructure, affordable housing and plenty of parks and amenities. It’s an attractive place for first-time buyers and investors alike.

UPVC can last many years. It is extremely well-insulated and energy efficient, making it a great choice for homes. Over time, UPVC may fade and fade and. Our UPVC window spray painting service can assist you in restoring the original appeal of your UPVC windows. We can spray paint your UPVC windows with a variety of colours, from delicate pastels to vivid shades. We can also paint your UPVC frames with anti-fouling to protect them from humidity, temperature fluctuations and dirt.

Double Glazing

Double glazing helps to keep heat in your home while keeping cold air out. As a result your energy bills will be lower and you’ll also help reduce carbon emissions. double glazing repairs stevenage-glazed windows are available in many styles and finishes so you can pick one that is suitable for your home.

It is essential to choose an organization that is FENSA certified to ensure you get the highest quality double glazing. Make sure they are registered under a Competent Person Scheme such as Certass. These schemes help regulate the industry and ensure that installers are able to do the work at your home.

One of the main problems homeowners face with double glazing is condensation. The frames can begin to wear out and cause the growth of mould. It can also affect the appearance of your house. It is therefore crucial to take care of your windows and [Redirect-Meta-1] doors, particularly in the winter months.

Also, you should ensure that the seals on your windows are not damaged or damaged or cracked. To avoid mould you must clean them regularly. This can be done by using a uPVC cleaner.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the frame type you select. Double-glazed windows tend to be made of uPVC which is a durable and weather-resistant material. The frame is also armed with a range of security options, such as handles and locks that are simple to use and secure.

Finally, double glazing can be a great way to reduce the amount of noise in your home. The two panes of glass and the space between aid in absorbing sound, making it much quieter in your home. This is particularly beneficial if you live in a busy area.

It is now possible to install slim vacuum double glazing stevenage [Get the facts]-glazed windows sealed with a seal in historical properties. This lets homeowners benefit from the advantages without compromising the appearance of their home. These windows can easily be inserted into existing sash window repair stevenage windows, and replace the pulleys and weights that are often problematic to maintain.