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Marshall Monitor II ANC online headphones Review

These headphones are designed for longevity with Bluetooth 5.0 and up to 80 hours of battery. They also have custom-tuned dynamic drivers that provide roaring bass and smooth mids for an epic listening experience.

Marshall made it easy to control the system with a a multidirectional button on the right earpad. This knob controls play/pause, track skips and volume adjustments. Double pressing activates voice assistants that enable hands-free audio sharing and calling.


Marshall is able to carry its rock and roll heritage into the headphones arena with a pair of wireless cans that are durable and comfortable to wear for a long time. They’re not the most ideal headphones for audiophiles, but they’re capable of delivering music across all genres, from punk to metal, and all the riff-heavy guitar music in between.

These Bluetooth headphones have a 40mm driver, Best headphones and are housed in an elegant black-and brown packaging with jet-black accents that remind us of Marshall’s guitar amplifiers. The headphones fold flat and are easily transported in a jacket pocket. The controls are controlled by the small joystick that is multidirectional and located on the right earpad. One press switches the headphones on and off it, plays music or suspends it, and adjusts the volume. A vertical nudging of the controller can skip forwards or backwards on a track. A horizontal pushing invokes your phone’s voice assistant.

They’re compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and can be connected via either a USB-C cable or QI wireless charging pad (sold separately). You can also listen to music in wired mode with the included 3.5 millimeter jack that is a good enough choice.

The Marshall Major IV has a elegant, user-friendly headphone shopping that has a top-quality battery. It offers decent audio quality and a long-lasting battery. It’s pricier than other Bluetooth headphones however the nostalgia-related cost is worth it if looking for a classic Marshall design.

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Marshall’s headphones have a great design with vintage style that appeals to many people. They are sturdy and easy to fold away, making them a great choice to take on trips with. They have an integrated microphone that allows hands-free calls. They also feature active noise cancellation that blocks out noise from the surrounding environment and reduce the volume of conversations around you. The quality of the sound is excellent, and they are well balanced across all frequencies. Marshall’s application lets you alter the sound profile to fit your preferences and music genres.

They are easy to use, unlike other wireless headphones that are filled with buttons and features. The right earcup has one multi-function button. The multi-function buttons utilize the same directional pushes as the joystick on a game controller and provide feedback on the touch every time you press. It also plays pleasant guitar notes to ensure your commands are registered. You can use them to connect with your Bluetooth headphones to control music and make and take calls, and even power up the headphones.

The Marshall Major IV features a multi-directional control knob that regulates the volume and tracks. It is made of black vinyl that is textured and adds a touch of class to its design. They are extremely comfortable and sit snugly on your ear. The 3.5 mm jack, Coiled cables that are removable and 3.5 millimeter jack allow users to connect the headphones with your mobile device. They also offer 30 hours of battery life when using the noise cancellation function.

They are not the most expensive headphones on the market however they do have a lot to provide for the price. They have a stylish design, superb audio quality and a noise cancellation feature.


The Marshall Major IV is the latest pair of on-ear Bluetooth headphones to be launched by a brand that creates amps for rock legends. The design is influenced by the history of the company and rock spirit. It features elements such as chrome tolex, brass, and chrome. Its sound is unique in the market, featuring a harmonic that sublimates the analog and rock genres.

They have a superbly balanced sound with high levels of clarity at all frequencies. The bass is a bit raunchy but doesn’t overshadow other tones. Vocals and cymbals are the most prominent. The Marshall application lets you adjust the sound to your tastes and preferences, with settings that are optimized to suit a range of genres from hip-hop to rock, and electronic music.

Although they may not be suitable for audiophiles (especially those who listen to their music at a high volume), they are an excellent choice for those who wish to listen to their favourite tunes with their friends or on a long flight. They are comfortable for long periods of time and can be thrown into a bag. This makes them the perfect travel companion.

These lightweight headphones are ideal for use on public transportation or at work. Their foldable design makes them easy to put in your desk drawer when not in use. They’re compatible with all mobile devices that support Bluetooth 5.0 and can be connected via 3.5mm cable for those who are not Bluetooth users. Additionally, the Marshall Major IV has a smooth gold multi-directional control knob that offers simple and intuitive controls for playback, track skipping and volume adjustment. This is a significant improvement over earlier models that were more difficult for users to navigate.

Noise Cancellation

Marshall is most well-known for its guitar amps, but in recent times, it has also made a push to get into the audio market for consumers by introducing Bluetooth headphones and speakers that are wireless. The latest headphones, the Monitor II ANC will add an ANC function to its existing lineup and provide some substantial improvements in terms of ergonomics, performance and features.

They have sleek and minimalist designs that evokes the amp stacks for which Marshall is famous. The ear cups that are closed are covered with a faux leather texture with brass accents. The gold-plated potentiometer located on the right earcup allows you to adjust the volume as well as play, pause and even adjust the track. A second button, marked with an M, lets you select equalizer presets or access Google Assistant on your smartphone. The headsets come with an integrated microphone that can be used to make calls, but the microphone isn’t very good and can pick background noise.

The headphones have a dynamic driver of 40mm and the pre-frequency range of 20-20kHz. They have a high-quality sound and an authentic quality of real-world sound. They are suitable for varying music genres. They come with a noise cancellation feature that blocks ambient sound, but it’s not the best option available. They can cut ambient sound by around 80 percent but still allow some ambient noise.

The Marshall headphones offer a comfortable fit, with soft ear pads that can be easily adjusted to the size of your ears. The foldable design makes them very portable. When not in use, they can be folded and put into a soft bag. They’re lightweight and comfortable to wear, which means you can listen for long periods of time without discomfort.

Battery Life

With an endurance of up to 80 hours and a battery life of up to 80 hours, the Marshall Major IV is one of the best headphones (here)-performing Bluetooth headphones for best headphones use on mobile devices. The Marshall Major IV’s battery lasts up to 80 hours because of Bluetooth 5.0. They also support low-latency audio which reduces the battery’s consumption. They also feature Google Assistant smart functionality and noise cancellation.

They’re designed to be lightweight, and they fold down easily into their cases for easy transport. They’re also extremely light, so they won’t put any strain on your shoulders or ears when worn for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, the headband is padded to provide extra comfort.

Marshall is known for making guitar amps that are employed by some of the biggest rock bands around the globe. It’s no surprise then that the on-ear headphones have a sound signature which is perfect for playing guitar. The bass is impressive but not overpowering. The treble balance is good enough to preserve the mid-tones.

The wireless range of these devices is quite wide, and the sync process is fast and easy. If you are not in the range of wireless they can be used with a cable that connects to your smartphone. The Marshall app lets you alter the EQ and also enable Eco Charging, which restricts their charging to 80% to reduce battery degradation.

The Marshall Monitor II ANC Bluetooth sale headphones are a great Bluetooth headphone that has numerous features at a low cost. They’re comfortable and lightweight and come with a solid set of ergonomic earcups that don’t cause discomfort or strain your ears. The sound is clear, dynamic and bouncy. The earpads feel comfortable against your ears. They’re a great choice for listening to all types of music, but they’re particularly well-suited to rock with a guitar and driving beats.